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    I have been watching the WFC-2016 from the very first day and feel that what I had stated in 2012 on this forum about world looking up to Bharatvarsh for guidance for peaceful coexistence in peace and harmony is coming true. I tried to look for that particular thread but it is not traceable at the present time.

    I think this festival will become the source for establishing peace around the world and Sri Sri Gurudev ji along with other spiritual leaders from with in Bharatvarsh and other parts of the world will play leading role to achieve the much desired peace which has eluded the civilization of the present day. We have to find a common goal to co exist and learn to accept and respect each other in the age of social media. The social media can play pivotal role in diffusing the misunderstandings between communities instead of spreading hatred and violence by selfish political and religious groups.

    Let us take a pledge on individual basis to play positive role in our respective homes and neighborhoods to make this world a better place for future generations.

    Wishing everyone a happy healthy and peaceful life.

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