Want to get rid of adds which pop`s up everytime when i open websites

Discussion in 'Members Corner' started by anoop_mig25, May 15, 2013.

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    Hi friends as topic says i want to get rid of adds which pop`s whenever i open any websites .or even durning any search in in google .This adds pop up`s one in right hand side of mointor and another a bottom side of mointor.this ads contains links to similar side(right hand one) and and other contains links to jabong etc....

    I use google chrome browser .is there any setting in chrome which can block such adds. plz help its irritating.I am provding img for your references


    Are u guys facing same problem.if yes then how u solved it .plz help either through post or pm

    Mods plz donot block/close thread.If u want to close them please pm me the solution.
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    Re: Want to get rid of adds which pop`s up everytime when i open websi

    Dude, just use ABP (adblock plus) chrome addon and say good bye to ads.
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    Re: Want to get rid of adds which pop`s up everytime when i open websi


    Your computer seems flooded with Adware... Adblock will block them, but not remove them.

    Did you install any web programs like icons, screensaver, emoticons, video viewers etc?

    For chrome, first follow these steps: Uninstall extensions - Google Chrome Help

    Then go to Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs and remove all software that you do not use or do not know how they got there. (can guide you if you share a screenshot of your Add or Remove Programs)

    I see that you are using AVG. it is good enough. Update it and run a full system scan (preferably once from safe mode, then from normal mode)
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