Vote ‘secular leaders’ & defeat communal forces: Andhra Church

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    Vote for ‘secular leaders’ to defeat communal forces: Andhra church body to Christians

    May 4, 2014 9:28 am

    While the letter makes it clear that the federation, including its member-churches, is not inclined towards any political party, the message is being seen as a tacit declaration of support for the YSR Congress Party of Jagan Mohan Reddy.

    A state-level body of bishops and church heads in Andhra Pradesh has asked all Christians to vote for secular leaders in the May 7 polls in Seemandhra, to defeat communal forces.

    For the first time, the Andhra Pradesh Federation of Churches has issued such a ‘Pastoral Letter’ urging all its members “to elect leaders who uphold secular and pluralistic character of our nation and promote communal harmony”.

    While the letter makes it clear that the federation, including its member-churches, is not inclined towards any political party, the message is being seen as a tacit declaration of support for the YSR Congress Party of Jagan Mohan Reddy. Minorities, including a large number of Christians in Andhra, are wary of the TDP-BJP tie-up in the state.

    The letter would be read on May 4, Sunday, in all the churches in Seemandhra. While the federation had also issued a letter before voting in Telangana on April 30, it only talked about making the “right choice”.

    “We need to elect leaders who are close to people and respond to their needs; who strive for social justice and equality of the marginalised groups like the tribals and Dalits especially Dalit Christians and protect the rights of the minorities; who are determined to advance an inclusive economy that supports the poor especially to (sic) the unorganized labourers and marginal farmers by ensuring their basic human rights to food, water, shelter, health, education and employment; who strive to ensure the safety and security of women and children and their essential rights to life and livelihood; who lay focus on youth for ensuring their holistic development with character building, critical education and life skills; who make every effort to curb corruption and bring about good governance with peoples’ plans and decentralized, transparent, accountable and responsible administration; and who endeavour to protect the environment with sustainable development and (to) safeguard the rights of Tribal and Local communities over land, water and forests,” the letter says.

    It adds that the federation considers it its duty to work with people to “effectively contribute to shaping the future of our State and Nation”, and urges voters not to be swayed by money and liquor or considerations of caste, creed and clan.

    “We are deeply concerned about the pressing needs of our Christian Community in State,” the letter goes on. “Our State records one of the highest numbers of atrocities committed on Christians and pastors. During the recent months these attacks have increased in some districts. Organized mob attacks are taking place on Christians during their worship.”

    Vote for ‘secular leaders’ to defeat communal forces: Andhra church body to Christians | The Indian Express

    The Christian community till now has never openly advocated favouring any candidate on religious lines.

    It is quite a disgrace that the Andhra Bishops and underlings of the pastoral class has entered into the political fray by canvassing for 'secular forces'.

    What make it worse is that couched in the usual pollyanna , Jesus Loves, love and compassion that is the Christian priestly class style of showing how great their overall magnanimity to all humanity irrespective of class or religion, this is the type of sly underhand chicanery that is most abhorrent - using the word 'secular', when it is a direct exhorting the Flock to behave like sheep and vote for Jagan Reddy who is a Christian and rare Christian force that is to be reckoned with.

    The Muslims clerics are better than these Christian Bishops and underlings. At least, they are upfront and have no hesitation where the wind should blow and free from the mushy duplicity and Machiavellian skulduggery that the Christian Bishops have displayed.

    I am afraid in this case Jesus must save these sinners in litturgical façade because men of the cloth are supposed to be of high in honesty and morality.

    They have embarrassed the secular Christians!
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    De facto they are forcing consolidation of Hindi majority votebank and in democracy its deadly.

    In simple terms their share will never overtake the Hindu share. As we all know it is a fear that their missionary activities will grind to a halt in India.

    Continue with this hate and fear campaign.
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    Christians are going Islamic fundamentalism way, these are the early signs when following political overtones more resistance will be exerted to polarize the society.

    The ultimate goal of these churches is to peruse people to adopt Christianity. So far Hindus have been allowing them to go free in the name religious freedom, but if they think going political is the need of the hour for the sake of their mission then they are going to loose big time. Soon it will be a political strive, the next day their practises will be exposed through political means and scrutinized. For any religious organization it is a recipe of being further alienated and risk many privileges they have been ethereally enjoying.

    Having said that, I am in favour of such political slogans being made by Churches. Not only it shows their real face but they will become a statistical number for any political party to plan, plot and account into electoral calculations.

    In simple words they will be reduced to vicious circle of appeasement or no appeasement, be fooled by pseudo-secular parties like Muslims have been.
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    This here is Indian secularism, everyone. When religious leaders from minority communities ask people to vote for a particular party, it doesn't constitute poll code violation; but when Hindu religious leaders do, they're hunted down and jailed.

    This is exactly the kind of bullshit that needs fixing. Hence BJP.
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