Visakhapatnam navy base mishap: One killed, two injured

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    This is the 12th incident involving naval assets in service in the recent past or which are expected to join the Navy in near future. Around 10 days ago, warship INS Sindhuratna had suffered a mishap under water when smoke and fire killed two officers

    Visakhapatnam navy base mishap: One killed, two injured | Deccan Chronicle
    DC CORRESPONDENT | 31 min 16 sec ago

    Visakhapatnam: In the latest in a series of accidents involving the Indian Navy, one person was killed in an accident aboard an under-construction nuclear submarine at the shipbuilding centre in the city on Saturday. According to reports, there was a fire when a ‘hydro pressure test’ was being conducted on the nuclear submarine — said to be the second one being constructed after the INS Arihant — at Building-5 of the shipbuilding centre at about 3 pm.

    The incident came a day after leakage of a deadly gas in an under-construction warship in Mumbai's Mazagon dock claimed the life of a naval commander. Sources said a team of contract workers was at work when the mishap occurred. The site in the pre-docking area is criss-crossed by pipelines and cooling towers.

    The victim was identified as Amar, 24, who was charred to death on the spot. Amzad Khan and Vishnu were severely injured in the accident. PTI quoted Defence Research Development Organisation chief Avinash Chander as saying that the incident took place when the pressure of the hydraulic tank of the Arihant class submarine was being tested and the tank's lid fell on the workers at Building-5 of the shipbuilding centre. He said one worker “unfortunately lost his life” in the incident. The work was being carried out by L&T, sources said.

    Under the Arihant-class submarine development programme, India is building around three submarines which have not yet been named so far. The first vessel from this class of submarine is expected to be launched for sea trials within a month or two and these are expected to be completed within this year. This is the 12th incident involving naval assets in service in the recent past or which are expected to join the Navy in near future.

    Nearly 10 days ago, the submarine INS Sindhuratna suffered a mishap underwater when smoke and fire killed two officers. The incident led to the resignation of Admiral D.K. Joshi as Navy chief. The biggest mishap occurred when the INS Sindhurakshak sank in Mumbai harbour, killing all 18 personnel on board on August 14 last year. Last month, the INS Airavat, an amphibious warfare vessel, had run aground near Visakhapatnam after which the commanding officer was stripped of his command duties.

    Before that, the INS Betwa, a submarine, was damaged apparently after hitting an underwater object. India's leading minesweeper INS Konkan, that was undergoing repairs in Visakhapatnam, had caught fire and suffered major damage to its interiors. The Pondicherry-class minesweeper was getting a refit done at a dry dock when the incident occurred.
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    this is seriously bad news for DRDO and the ship building industry..
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    My experience in US Army was that when a soldier was injured or killed a report was disseminated publicly on base after investigation. Reports I see on DFI are from the press, but there must be an official source of accident reports for each service of Indian armed forces.


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