Video: VHS-D and VHS-K Rifle Tests

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    Here is video of VHS-D and VHS-K rifle testing. Testing was made in 2009 by NATO standards on three locations in Croatia.

    Test B/br2 Individually and short bursts fire

    Test C/br3/2 Elevation +80° and elevation -80°

    Test C/br3/3 3000 shoots

    Test C/br3/5 6000 shoots (3000 more)

    Test C/br3/6 Repetition 6000 times

    Test D I/br4/1 Extreme cold -40°C

    Test D II/br4/2 Freezing rain -15°C

    Test D III/br4/1-2 Extreme heat +52°C

    Test E I/br5/1 Salt water 1st day

    Test E I/br5/2 Salt water 3rd day

    Test E I/br5/3 Salt water 5th day

    Test E I/br5/4 Salt water 6th day

    Test E II/br5/1 Working of non oiled weapon

    Test E III/br5/1 Rain

    Test E IV/br5/1 Contamination with sand and dust

    Test E V/br5/1 Contamination with mud (clay and sand)

    Test G/br7/1 Falling resistance

    Test H/br8/1 Exchanging parts between tested rifles

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