US trying to ‘defang’ Pak army to make it impotent against India: Ex-Pak minister

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    US trying to ‘defang’ Pak army to make it impotent against India: Ex-Pak minister

    New York: A former Pakistan minister has criticized the Gilani Government for agreeing to the terms and conditions attached with the Kerry-Lugar Bill, saying the United States is trying to ‘defang’ the country and destroy the armed forces.

    People think this government has sold us to the Americans again for their own selfish interests,” The New York Times quoted Jahangir Tareen, as saying.

    Tareen said Washington is trying to reduce the Pakistan Army’s capability so that it is unable to counter India’s growing influence in the region.

    “Some people think the United States is out to get Pakistan, to defang Pakistan, to destroy the army as it exists so it can’t fight India and to break down the ISI’s ability to influence events in India and Afghanistan,” Tareen said.

    The much-awaited Kerry-Lugar Bill, which offers Pakistan 1.5 billion dollars yearly aid over the next five years, has received wide scale flak in the country from various quarters.

    Political parties such as the Jamaat-e-Islaami and the Pakistan Muslim League-Q have warned of country wide protests against the proposed aid, which they see as an ‘insult’ to Pakistan’s sovereignty.

    US trying to ?defang? Pak army to make it impotent against India: Ex-Pak minister
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    Wow, a country who is dependent on hand outs and they are going to complain when they won't let them waste it on military items they don't need.
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    Doesn't it sound surreal! Here they are proving unable to influence events in Pakistan and they worry about Afghanistan and India!

    Their focus should be on saving the country and rebuilding it for the next 50 years. Try anything else and there would be no country left to "influence" events outside.

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