US should facilitate better coordination with Indian military

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    US should facilitate better coordination with Indian military - The Economic Times
    WASHINGTON: India should be invited to establish a liaison officer at the NATO's Afghan mission in Kabul and in the US to facilitate better coordinationand collaboration with the US military, an eminent American think-tank today said.
    The report 'US-India Military Engagement' released by Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), also recommends India to establish a liaison officer at Pacific Command headquarters in Hawaii and Central Command headquarters in Florida for better co-ordination with the US military.
    The 20-page report authored by Amer Latif and forwarded by former top American diplomat Karl F Inderfurth, makes a series of recommendations for both the countries but underscores the point that India is ready for giant leap towards defence relationship between the two nations; which needs to be respected and honored by the US.
    "Refrain from pressuring India about defence agreements such as the Logistics Support Agreement and a communications security agreement.
    "Continue to refrain from overpublicising military engagement with India; maintain defence engagement more in the background than the foreground of the overall relationship," the think-tank said in its set of recommendations for the Obama Administration.
    "Increase the numbers of US military officers at Indian think tanks to enhance people-to-people engagement and exchange of views on strategic issues.
    "Invite India to establish a liaison officer at NATO's International Security Assistance Force Headquarters in Kabul to facilitate better coordination and collaboration," the report said.
    Urging the US Government to maintain "modest expectations" and understand that India will not be a key provider of security in the IOR (Indian Ocean Region) for the short term to midterm; the report urged the US to encourage India to conduct (and lead) more multilateral and bilateral exercises throughout the Indo-Pacific region; do not be overly insistent on jointly conducting activities with India.
    Recommending India to"establish a liaison officer at PACOM and Central Command tobetter coordinate with the US military," the report said that the Indian government should consider a policy decision in which it commits to consistently work with the US on disaster response where appropriate and needed in the IOR.
    "Allow military leaders to engage in strategic dialogues with their US counterparts at the Military Cooperation Group and Executive Steering Groups.
    "Send civil servants and military officers working on US-India relations to attend executive level courses at theAsia-Pacific Center for Strategic Studies or the Near East South Asia Center for Strategic Studies at the outset of their posting to enhance familiarity with the US system,"it said.

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