US Senator wants India to send its troops to Afghanistan Dec 15, 2011

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    US Senator wants India to send its troops to Afghanistan

    Dec 15, 2011

    Washington: With the gradual withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, time has now come for India to send its military inside that country, a top American lawmaker has said.

    “It makes sense for the two largest democracies to be military allies. On Afghanistan, India, as you know, as a security establishment, is already fighting over 30 insurgencies or guerilla operations,” Senator Mark Kirk said at a discussion forum organised by Washington-based think tank, Foreign Policy Initiative.

    “The Indian security establishment well understands this challenge. I think can correctly perceive that moving terror from North or South or general parts of Dafatan into secured bases around Kabul with the fall of the Karzai government would represent a long-term real security threat for India,” he said.

    Blasts in Afghanistan at Muhraam were one of the worst terrorist strikes in the country this year. AFP

    “Remember, if you have terror bases operating against India from Pakistan, Pakistan is subjected to pressure from India. If Pakistan could offload that terror training and operations into metropolitan Afghanistan, it makes it much harder for India to pressure for the end of those operations,” Kirk said.

    The US Senator said over the long term, it makes sense for India to send a key signal to Afghan politicians— “look, we know the Americans are leaving. We know the Haqqani’s are bidding, but we are now stepping in here. We will bank roll you”.

    “If you ask who the winning side is, which is the critical question in Afghanistan, it’s us. We have made the decision as a country to outbid Pakistan so that this country is not a terror base against us, and the United States should encourage that,” he said.

    Asked whether India had given any indication on willing to bank roll, Kirk said, “Our indications are the senior a number of Indian politicians said you have to start the discussion, and then we will respond in Indian fashion to you starting the discussion, and I was only too happy to do that.”

    The Illinois Senator said that the concerns about safety of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenals were well founded.

    “I think it’s a danger. It’s probably a substantial arsenal. Pakistan as a country has a couple of key decisions to make, whether it’s a de facto military dictatorship or whether it is a true civilian government, and whether it is mainly a base for Jihad first against the Afghan government and Indian government and later against the West, or whether it is to enter into true economic competition to stay up with India,” he said.


    US Senator wants India to send its troops to Afghanistan | Firstpost
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    Senator Mark Kirk,

    Not a very unreasonable suggestion there. However, how about a look at the feasibility? India needs land access to Afghanistan and the only possible way right now is through Iran. While the US remains reluctant to open a dialogue with Iran and prepares to invade Iran, why on earth should India even consider deploying its troops in Afghanistan?

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    Land of the GODS - "Dev Bhomi".
    :lol: hahaha ok

    one wonders, do the americans even understand the indian mindset?

    senator needs to understand india is working on plan b for sometime now where iran, russia and car get important, and india has braced up for a scaled down american forces presence in a'stan post 2014.

    and then there are enough indications of india working on plan c where india is aggressively trying to court the pashtuns in pashtun dominated areas and much more.
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    Well it can be good move by India but unfortunately ,Indian forces are not well equipped to go in Afganistan. Other wise it can be very lethal for pak if Indian troops present east and west of her.
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    Many tried & failed at it, all since Nov 2001.

    Nevertheless hard luck Mr. Kirk
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    no way we send our boys to a living hell ,there .
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    Time lost. If they had allowed us when they were sucking up with the pakis then we could have considered. I was hoping that something like that would happen. But then Americans were arm twisted by the pakis. We now know that any invitation now is just to use us to watch their backs while they leave.
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    senator: " if you ask which side is winning its us"? controversial...
    " we have kept out pakistan from making afghanistan their pet dinosaur" a gradual compulsive unfolding of event and not a intended and planned strategy. along with good elephant memory of MEA, not long ago they denied siding with India and even listening to India on afghanistan under the guidance of pakistan.

    usa wont be trusted but relationship can be somewhat established by setting the term of understanding and clearly debating upon the area of interests and mutual non-interference in some selected areas- the areas of bargain.

    taming pakistan to do what so ever it want to do within its closed border while not affecting at all any other nation in world should be priority area of India which usa, as of now will be interested to actualize.

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