US Made Thai Helicopters Falling Like Flies = Jinxed

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    Thai Army Probes Series of Chopper Crashes

    Published: 25 Jul 2011 15:48

    BANGKOK - Thailand's army has grounded a number of its helicopter fleet, a military official said July 25, after a string of deadly chopper crashes that some have blamed on angry jungle spirits.

    On July 24, three troops were killed when a Bell 212 helicopter went down in Phetchaburi province, southwest of Bangkok - one of three helicopter crashes in the area in little over a week that have together claimed 17 lives.

    The crashes had spooked the superstitious even before it emerged that the third chopper had carried the bodies of those killed in the second helicopter, which had in turn been sent to retrieve those who died in the first crash.

    "It is a big loss," Maj. Gen. Pitaya Krajangwong, the Thai army aviation commander, told a press conference in the capital.

    He said the first two crashes, involving a Huey and a Black Hawk helicopter respectively, seemed on initial investigation to be caused by bad weather, while in the third incident the Bell 212 appeared to have a tail rota fault.

    "The other 20 Bell 212 choppers will not fly until they are well-checked.

    Once it is found that there is nothing wrong, they can go back to missions," he said, adding that a formal 30-day investigation into the crashes would be held.

    The Bell lost on July 24, which was travelling from Bangkok to a task force base in Phetchaburi, had a day earlier transported bodies from a Black Hawk helicopter crash on Tuesday, in which nine people were killed.

    The victims were eight military personnel and a television cameraman.

    The Black Hawk was found in dense forest just across the border in Myanmar on July 22, three days after it disappeared during a mission to recover the bodies of five soldiers killed in the Huey helicopter accident on July 16.

    The strange sequence of events has sparked a range of theories among those living in jungle-heavy areas close to the crash sites, according to Thai media.

    A number of military and civilians "believe bad omens are to blame" and have cited earlier predictions by a fortune teller, the English-language Bangkok Post reported July 25.

    "The guardian spirits here are very fierce," said one villager quoted by the paper.

    The Thai Rath newspaper said the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment planned to hold a ceremony on July 25 to pay respect to spirits believed to be in the jungle.

    Top army brass and politicians, including outgoing premier Abhisit Vejjajiva, attended a Buddhist ceremony for the victims of the Black Hawk crash in the western province of Kanchanburi on Monday.

    Army chief Gen. Prayut Chan-O-Cha was initially due to travel to the service by helicopter but changed his plans and went by car, Pitaya said.

    Thai Army Probes Series of Chopper Crashes - Defense News
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    ^^ Man, that's really weird !! No wonder they are calling it jinxed !
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    Looks like the "guardian spirits" have symphaties for the Cambodians and Thaksin...
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    this should be posted on supernatural thread.
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    Land of the GODS - "Dev Bhomi".
    predator's come alive and moving to his new home, thailand!

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    It may appear superstitious to many, but for those who train for an uncertain future, superstition does become a part of life. The mentality is why take a risk when too many unexplained coincidences are taking place.

    Call it superstition or call it lack of confidence in the equipment because of unexplainable reasons that defies human imagination and routine.

    It is like the belief in God and praying for boons. None knows God, but many have strong belief that by praying to this unknown some good might come one's way, just because one or two times such a boon has happened.

    To the rationalist, God and religion would be termed as superstition handed down from father to son.

    Some troops do not drink or eat meat on posts on the LC on Tuesdays/ Thursday due to superstition that have been passed down from unit to unit and which none knows is true or not.

    Then there is the famous Baba near Nathu La.

    It was customary to stop at a Pir when I was in Chowkibal in J&K. All vehicles used to stop and all prayed at this Pir before proceedng. I was a rationalist. I did not stop stating that it was all hocus pocus.

    I was moving fast for an op requirement down the road in this hilly sector as I has to hurry. It had snowed heavily. The troops had stopped and they were coming up while I was way ahead. On a normal patch of road, my Jonga that I was myself driving, went into a huge uncontrollable skid because of the hard snow and the Jonga nearly went down the 'khad' which was about 1500 feet below. Had it gone down, we would not be alive.

    Thereafter, every time I went on the road, I stopped and prayed before proceeding.

    Call it superstition, if you wish.
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