'US lost sleep over Soviets planting Bose imposter'

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    NEW DELHI: Former PM Jawaharlal Nehru trying to strike a balance between “Soviet friendship and US money”, the growing strength of RSS and rumours that Subhash Chandra Bose was alive and waiting to make a “big comeback” are some of the concerns about India in the US that have been revealed in documents dating back to the 1950s declassified by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) under the Freedom of Information Act.

    The documents are based on assessments of a “usually reliable” source whose name has been withheld. The information was sought by RTI activist Anuj Dhar and S C Bose’s relative Madhuri Bose.

    On S C BOSE

    There is another political note... it may have some real potential danger in it. I was impressed on many occasions by the fact that Subhash Chandra Bose... is still a very popular hero. This expression of great enthusiasm clearly indicated to me that Bose is a National Hero, and in the eyes of the man on the street, I think he ranks next to Ghandi (SIC).

    It is now rumoured that... he is alive... waiting for a chance to make a big comeback. Officially, Bose was declared ‘lost’ when the ship he was on was sunk en route from Buram to Japan. Whether Bose is dead or alive is relatively unimportant but the possibility of an imposter should not be overlooked. I have had several educated Indians tell me that the USSR would send an imposter for Bose into India and it would be easy to convince the people that he is Bose. If Bose or an imposter should return, it is probable that a great many of the people would accept his leadership.

    On Nehru

    I think that Nehru wants both Soviet friendship and US money and to obtain both, he is trying to play both ends against the middle. I don’t know how much Nehru’s tremendous emotionality and racial pride, plus his Kashmir blood, affects his policy. His prepared statements represent a good government position but when Nehru gets in front of a cheering crowd, he seems to go overboard in favour of whatever the crowd is enthusiastic about. His terrific emotionality makes him irresponsible at times and in my opinion, this is his biggest weakness.

    On RSS

    I am concerned over the strength of the RSS which was demonstrated last spring (1950) when Golwalkar came to Delhi after his release from jail. He drew one of the largest crowds to be drawn by any person in Delhi when acres and acres of enthusiastic people attended one of his speeches. This militant Hindu organisation...have become a great focus for the Hindu refugees.

    In a much better sense making statement,I rather say that Nehru and Co lost sleep after hearing the news.
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    it wasn't a boat, It was a plane crash.

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