US, India sign MoU for implementation of GBAS

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    NEW DELHI (PTI): The US will help Airports Authority of India (AAI) in implementing the ground-based augmentation system used for flight navigation in the country.

    AAI Tuesday signed a MoU with the US Trade Development Agency (USTDA) for implementation of GBAS as a pilot project at Chennai airport.

    GBAS is a critical safety system that uses the global positioning system (GPS) for efficient and safe navigation and flight operations like landing, departure and surface operations within its area of coverage.

    The GBAS provides GNSS landing system (GLS approaches) to multiple runways at an aerodrome meeting the precision CAT-I approach requirements and upgradable to CAT-II and CAT-III in future.

    With the implementation of GBAS, India would join the selected group of countries which have implemented the technology, an official statement said.

    The chief administrator of FAA, J Randolph Babbitt, Monday signed the Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement.

    Aviation safety is the key area in which the US' aviation watchdog Federal Aviation Adminstration (FAA) is seeking cooperation with the Indian authorities.

    India is developing the GPS-aided geo augmented navigation (GAGAN) system which would help in better air navigation.

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