US, India & Japan come together to contain China

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    US, India & Japan come together to contain China -

    As the rise of China upends the balance of power in the Indo-Pacific, new regional configurations are emerging thick and fast to tackle this challenge. The US, Japan and India have also been holding trilateral summits since last year. Last week the three nations met in New Delhi for the third round of this initiative.The first meeting was held in Washington in December 2011 followed by the next one in Tokyo this April.

    The evolving strategic environment in the Asia-Pacific was discussed as the three sides shared their views on the US pivot to the region, the growing maritime disputes in East and South China Sea as well as exploring the possibility of developmental cooperation in Myanmar, Afghanistan and Africa.

    Though security of sea lanes of communication, coordination of humanitarian assistance and global terrorism will be the focus of this meeting, the rise of China will remain the unspoken subtext that will shape the trajectory of this arrangement.
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