US- India Intelligence Cooperation: A Pie in the sky?

Discussion in 'Internal Security' started by AnantS, Feb 10, 2016.

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    Read an Article in Firstpost (with few excerpts below). If we compare US's 26/11 investigation co-operation with India and with their (non) cooperation in 93 blasts. Nothing seems to have changed. The main thing with N.S.S.P, US has achieved, seems to be that they have managed to make India side blind/silent to red herrings from US.

    I do not know what stops Indian govt to pass a law that for all internet messaging/mail services being offered in India, their data centers need to be in India and under Indian laws? I like Chinese steps taken on same. Why not India?


    Headley’s video deposition changes nothing, US is still playing intelligence games with India

    ............... There has always been nagging skepticism in the Indian intelligence agencies about the role of the US in combating terrorism in the South Asia region. The manner in which US intelligence agencies conducted themselves during the Mumbai attacks and its aftermath has only reinforced that impression. For instance, the US authorities were always less than forthcoming on their patronage to Headley. Similarly, they shared intelligence with India on need-to-know basis on all major terrorist strikes, including those in Mumbai, despite their being privy to definitive information.

    Despite the euphoric proclamation from political establishments on both sides that bilateral relations are climbing new heights, the fact remains that the intelligence sharing between India and US on South Asia has always been beset by doubts and conditionality. Highly placed sources in the government maintain that since most of the servers were based in the US, Indian intelligence agencies were largely constrained to effectively police the cyber world.
    “What we get from the US as input is often trickle in a vast ocean,” they point out, adding that in most of the cases their requests for further access are more often than not stonewalled.
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    India cooperation.. :bs:
    The whole of India knew about the ISI influence in Mumbai Terror attack. Does India need US acknowledgment on this.
    pakistan is not going to act on any terrorists or terror incidents..They dummy govt doesn’t have the balls to go after the real threats.

    As Indian defense Minister puts it..India is not going on a war with pakistan..but India is going to go after the individuals thats hurting India. This is the best thing to do.

    All the talks about US- India cooperation on intel. is another counter pressure tactic to prevent Indian intelligence from establishing itself in pakistan.

    Just like we cant trust US defense deals..Indian should not trust Intel. shared by US. India should develop own intel network inside pakistan than be dependent on US inputs.
    US can keep India in the blind when it matters the most..they have done it before..
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    Many governments co-operate with US intelligence because US has enormous surveillance capacity through NSA. They could basically spy on anyone who uses internet. US could provide this information to other governments for favors.

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