US gets NOC for expansion of embassy in Islamabad

Discussion in 'Pakistan' started by Blackwater, Apr 11, 2012.

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    Akhand Bharat

    This building equipped with modern and scientific techniques is likely to become a security risk for Pakistan. Secret agencies had warned the CDA by a letter that the US embassy should not be allowed to expand its building as Presidency, PM Secretariat, PM House, Parliament House and the Supreme Court are situated in the same area.

    The letter also warned that modern spy tools may be allocated on the roof of the embassy, causing exposure of national secrets. Despite this, the CDA, while giving permission for construction of this project, issued an NOC to the US embassy.

    This project consists of 1.7 million square feet where a large number of multi-storey buildings would be constructed.

    According to details submitted to the CDA, the new building of the US embassy would comprise seven storeys including a basement. New offices and annexes would be of seven storey, guard house of single storey and sport annexe office triple storey.

    The residential area would comprise three storey including basement. The utility building would be constructed on basement and ground floor. The councilor building including two basements would be comprised of six storeys.

    The B-type residential building would be nine-storey while the C-type and D-type residential buildings would be 8-8 storey.

    Other six buildings also include the Building Plan.

    According to an agreement signed between the US and Pakistan, the US embassy would be able to have no more than 750 employees in its embassy.
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    Its totally waste of $ shutdown the embassy in Pak .. No more pak embassy no more terrorist in USA
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    From ordinary Joe to high rank Pakistanis all their rants against USA are mere perfunctory but from the core they all are subservient boot lackey of their western masters.

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