US calls for greater contact with China military

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    US calls for greater contact with China military


    Beijing, Oct 14 (AFP) The United States called today for more interaction with China's military, as the two nations try to build trust over defence issues amid US concerns about Beijing's rapid military buildup.

    "More still needs to be done to ensure that our defence and military establishments both have greater... interaction with one another," US Assistant Secretary of State Kurt Campbell told reporters.

    The two nations also need to develop "rules of the road for how we cooperate in the future", he said on a trip to Beijing that comes two weeks after China showed off military weaponry in a National Day parade.

    Campbell, whose visit is partly aimed at laying the groundwork for US President Barack Obama's visit to China next month, was due to meet Chinese defence officials later today.

    "It is incumbent on the United States and China to take steps...

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