US, Bangladesh to enhance partnership on security

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    Hyderabad and Sydney

    Dhaka and Washington during their substantive dialogue on security issues here yesterday agreed to enhance partnership in the UN peacekeeping, counterterrorism and disaster management.

    Both sides at the first-ever US-Bangladesh Dialogue on Security Issues exchanged views on the ongoing engagement between the two countries in the areas of counterterrorism, disaster management, maritime security and peacekeeping operations and shared commitment to peace, security and prosperity in the region.

    Foreign Secretary Mijarul Quayes while inaugurating the dialogue referred to Bangladesh-US relations as a partnership characterised by convergence of values and aspirations and an expanding scope of cooperation.

    Additional Foreign Secretary Mustafa Kamal led the Bangladesh at the dialogue held at the Bangladesh Institute of International Strategic Studies (BIISS).

    The 11-member US delegation was led by Assistant Secretary of State for Political-Military Affairs Andrew J Shapiro.

    The US Ambassador in Dhaka Dan Mozena also attended the event.

    Describing Bangladesh as an important partner of the US in dealing with many traditional and non-traditional security threats, Shapiro stressed the strategic importance of Bangladesh for the US.

    The Bangladesh delegation comprised of representatives from the ministries of home affairs, defence, food and disaster management, and foreign affairs and Armed Forces Division.

    A press release of the US Embassy in Dhaka said the positive and substantial exchanges of the dialogue reflected the depth and strength of the bilateral defence relationship as well as shared commitment to peace and prosperity in the region.

    It hoped that the US-Bangladesh Security Dialogue would broaden and strengthen bilateral cooperation on a wide range of political-military issues, and enhance partnerships in peacekeeping, joint military exercises and exchanges, counterterrorism, and security cooperation.
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    I thought India was the one who is surrounding China

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