US Afraid of India or Just to Make Americans Better?

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    President Barak Obama has been constantly stressing on the fact that US needs more jobs and educated people to stock them out of the economic crisis. He has detailed that firms which create jobs in the US will get special benefits. He asked the companies not to open abroad and rather concentrate on US itself.

    Lately he has even asked the companies to not look for skilled labour and workers in countries like India and China. He rather wants the companies to employ people of the country and he has assured that he will do anything to educate the people of the country and make them the best at work. Countries like India and China are very good when one talk about engineering, technology and science, but it now seems that Obama himself has taken up a challenge to make the citizens better than India and China in those specific fields.

    Obama said, he wants to give the school and teachers the resources they need to train and educated students in the US. ”Employers today are looking for most skilled, educated workers. I don’t want them to find them in India or China. I want businesses to find those workers right here in the US,” Obama said after sending the annual budgetary proposals for the fiscal 2013 to the Congress. ”The skills and training that employers are looking for begins with the men and women who educate our children,” he said while addressing at a community college in a suburb here. The president said he wants the Congress to give the schools the resources to keep good teachers on the job and reward the best. ”In return, they also need to give schools the flexibility to stop just teaching to the test and replace teachers who aren’t helping kids learn. That’s something that we can do,” he said, adding that the Congress needs to stop the interest rates on student loans from doubling this July.

    He has also declared that the fees of educational institutions will also come down soon to promote education and make sure that young people are able to get education even if they are not of the high and elite class with lots in the pocket.

    US Afraid of India or Just to Make Americans Better? | Northeast Today
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    This has nothing to do with being afraid. Our education system at the lower level has been reduced to shambles due to decades of neglect and the effects are clearly felt at the societal level. We have to reform our education system to what it was prior to the 70s in order to keep producing talented human resource in the fields of science and technology.
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    Obama just made another campaign promise. Move along, nothing to see here.
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