UP's Love Party promises Rs.10,000 to couples as part of it's manifesto.

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    Assembly elections: This polls, love is in the air.
    Mrigank Tiwari, TNN | Jan 18, 2012, 10.04AM IST

    ALLAHABAD: Love seems to be in the air this polls. With alluring promises like " Love Allowance" of Rs 10,000 to couples who break the shackles of caste or religion and tie the marital knot and special enclaves where lovers can exhibit their emotions freely, the Love Party has decided to field atleast 100 candidates in the assembly elections. For this, it has also decided to seek the symbol "Heart" from the Election Commission.

    Founded by 'Love Guru' Professor Matuk Nath Chaudhary who hit the headlines for openly professing love for his student whom he eventually married and drew the ire of social groups and public alike, the party has now jumped into the poll fray hoping to cash in on the "support of lovers facing the wrath of moral police" whose plight the party wants to highlight in a big way.

    "If we come to power, we would construct parks in every village and locality where couples can enjoy a few moments of peace and solitude," said state president of the party Pushpraj Singh. "This facility would also be available for mothers, daughters, sisters, brothers and close relatives who can spend some moments of bonding. For us, love is a universal phenomenon which is present in every human being and should not be confined to a small quarter of society," he said adding, "we can even have truck with like-minded parties."

    However, when asked to comment on the fact that such steps would definitely draw a backlash from hardline Hindu organizations, state convenor Vandana Chaturvedi said: "We would try to convince them about our earnest concerns to bridge the wedge in the society, a direct result of ills like caste and religious prejudices which are a hindrance in the development of our country."

    She added that the party would also make efforts to convince the parents and family members of both boys and girls to understand the emotions and sentiments of their children and allow them to enter into a relationship and accept them as couples irrespective of caste and religion.

    Asked for comments on the party founder's unofficial title of "Saint Valentine of Hindi Heartland", another office-bearer of the party, Payal Chaturvedi, said: "Aware of the hardships faced by couples who marry against the wishes of their families, our party has mooted the proposal of providing a one-time allowance of Rs 10,000 to such person/persons as it would help them sustain for atleast two months under adverse circumstances and thereafter arrange for a means of livelihood."

    Contacted, convenor of Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal (Prayag) Pawan Srivastava said: "The party is trying to sell western customs and ideas to the Indian society which in turn would promote obscenity and vulgarity. This would not be tolerated by the society and us alike and we would go all out to oppose them.

    The Love Party has fielded 8 candidates in Allahabad among whom include Pushpa Yadav from Phulpur who is also the wife of state president, Pushp Raj Singh.Besides this other candidates include Naushad Ahmad, City South, Pratibha Srivastava, City North, Mahi Amaan, city West, Pankaj Mishra, Phaphamau, Vinay Bhaskar-Pratappur, Vijay Dubey, Handia and Mool Chandra Bharti Soraon.

    The founder of the Love Party, Prof Chaudhary, was a professor in Hindi at B N College, Patna, and made headlines some five years back when he entered into a live-in relationship with his student Julie, leading to severe criticism from people of all sections of the society. Chaudhary at that time was in his 50's and his partner Julie was nearly half his age. The professor's family also opposed the relationship which led to beating of Julie by Chaudhary's wife in front of the media.

    Chaudhary was suspended by the university after which he moved the court and was re-instated. The party was founded by him in 2007,said the state president, Pushpa Raj Singh.

    Assembly elections: This polls, love is in the air - The Times of India

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