UPA Govt Isolated on FDI - Struggling for Numbers in Winter Session

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    The Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) Government is set to face a tough time during Parliament's winter session with the opposition planning to launch an aggressive attack on it for allowing foreign direct investment (FDI) in multi-brand retail. While the UPA Government is already in a minority after the Trinamool Congress withdrew its support, two Uttar Pradesh-based parties - the Samajwadi Party and the Bahujan Samaj Party - came to its rescue by announcing outside support.

    Although the government has been trying hard to sell its FDI in retail policy, the opposition which now includes the Trinamool Congress too is all set to force the UPA to allow discussion and voting on the proposal in Parliament. The CPM on Wednesday gave a notice for discussion on FDI in retail in both Houses of Parliament under Rule 168 and Rule 184 that entail voting. Earlier, CPM leader Basudeb Acharia said on Tuesday that opposing FDI in multi-brand retail was the party's "top priority" in the winter session of Parliament.

    Even if the government loses the vote under Rule 168 and Rule 184, its survival will not be affected as the FDI in retail policy is only an executive decision and not a Finance Bill. But as it is in a minority the loss could be a huge embarrassment. With the Budget Session scheduled in about three months, such a scenario could have major implications not only for the government, but also for the opposition which has seen a lot of churning lately.

    The government’s task has been made tougher with some of its constituent parties like the DMK also voicing their opposition to FDI along with the Samajwadi Party. DMK supremo M Karunanidhi has said that he will reveal his stand when the bill is brought in Parliament.

    Among other allies, the Samajwadi Party is also opposed to FDI while the BSP is yet to give a commitment despite the dinner and lunch diplomacy of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh with Mulayam and Mayawati.

    The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has already said that it will oppose the decision of the UPA in this regard and will work out a joint strategy with its allies and other parties.

    Amidst all this, what has added to the trouble of the government is the exit of MIM. With this development, the UPA, which is in a minority, depends a lot on other smaller parties.

    But the Congress is confident of crossing the hurdle. When asked whether they have the numbers, Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting Manish Tewari said, "FDI in retail is a much-needed reform that needs to be undertaken to help the economy grow at a fast pace. We will cross the bridge when we come to it."

    With the FDI in retail notification, multinational retailers can invest up to 51 per cent to open stores in 10 states and UTs which, till date, have agreed to implement the decision. The government has left it for the states to decide whether they want to implement FDI in retail.

    The numbers in Parliament:

    UPA in Lok Sabha - 252

    CONG - 204 (Including two nominated members from Anglo-Indian community)

    DMK - 18

    NCP - 9

    RLD - 5

    NC - 3

    Others - 9

    Independent MPs - 4 (Only those who have given letters of support)

    10 others formally supporting UPA?

    IUML - 2

    AIMM - 1

    AIUDF - 1

    BPF - 1

    Kerala Cong - 1

    SDF - 1

    VCK - 1

    SWP - 1

    BVA - 1

    Outside support to UPA - 50

    BSP - 21

    SP - 22

    RJD - 4

    JDS - 3

    NDA IN LOK SABHA - 151

    BJP - 114

    JDU - 20

    SS - 11

    SAD - 4

    JMM - 2

    Left, TMC and Others - 87

    LEFT - 24 (CPM 16, CPI 4, FORWARD BLOCK 2, RSP 2)

    TMC - 19

    BJD - 14

    ADMK - 9

    TDP - 6

    JVM - 2

    Others - 13 (INCLUDES TRS - 2, YSR CONG - 2, AGP - 1, MDMK - 1, HJC - 1, NPF - 1 AND INDEPENDENTS - 5 ,MIM-1)

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    Akhand Bharat
    Re: UPA Govt Isolated on FDI - Struggling for Numbers in Winter Sessio

    Mayawati ko launch aur taj corridor se ase nahi bachaya:namaste::namaste::p
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    Re: UPA Govt Isolated on FDI - Struggling for Numbers in Winter Sessio

    So will FDI happen or not? I am convinced that once FDI is implemented and the foreign brands established the benifits to India will soon be apparent and the success will speak for itself. Once the FDI starts brining tangible beniftits all these ignorant politicans will STFU and will want it in their state!

    Will it happen though? It NEEDS to happen!
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    Re: UPA Govt Isolated on FDI - Struggling for Numbers in Winter Sessio

    Damn !

    MMS needs another round of dinner & lunches. Maybe he should try change the food on menu this time ! :D

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