UP top cop speaks up against corruption, sent to mental asylum

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    Devendra Dutt Mishra, a DIG in the Uttar Pradesh Fire Service Department, was allegedly picked up from his office and sent to a mental hospital on Friday night.

    Mishra, had threatened to make public files containing evidence of the massive embezzlement of funds in the purchase of

    equipment in Uttar Pradesh Fire Service Department.
    “Corruption was rampant in the state government departments. The senior bureaucrats are promoting corruption” Mishra said and added “top officers demanded cut and commission on the purchases made by the fire services department recently”.

    The state government on Friday said it would inquire into the corruption charges raised by Mishra.

    A spokesperson of the state government said “instead of raising the issue before media Mishra should have raised it at appropriate platform. He should have apprised the senior officer about the corruption and anomalies in the department. His act was not suitable”.

    Talking to the journalists in his office located in Indira Bhawan, Mishra said “main Anna Hazare ka smarthak hoon (I support Anna’s campaign against corruption)”.

    “I know the state government would punish me for speaking over corruption but I would follow the Gandhian path and continue to speak against corruption,” he said.

    Even as the top cop of the fire services spewed fire against the corruption, the state government launched damage control measures.

    The ADG (law and order), Subesh Kumar Singh said the police department has received no complaint from Mishra.

    Expressing ignorance to the allegation made by Mishra, Singh said, “Mishra has ordered for the suspension of two constables as they have got themselves recommended for the gallantry award fraudulently”.
    The DGP, Brij Lal, and principal secretary (home), Kunwar Fatehbahadur, were at Meerut to review the law and order and could not be contacted.

    Mishra who is due to retire in two years, said, “Every one in the state government knows that I am an upright police officer and would not budge to the undue orders of the senior officers".

    “I have mentioned in the file about the illegal practice prevalent in the department,” Mishra said and added, “the corrupt officers might hatch conspiracy to eliminate me”.

    When asked why he was silent all along Mishra replied “recently the state government floated a tender worth Rs 16 crore for the purchase of fire tenders. An officer of the principal secretary rank in the home department demanded commission over the purchase. I opposed corruption and was humiliated by the senior bureaucrats. I decided that I would not be mute spectator to the corruption. I have come openly against corruption and call upon other honest officers to follow the suit. Strengthen the anti corruption movement launched by Anna Hazare”, he said.

    UP top cop speaks up against corruption, sent to mental asylum - Hindustan Times
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    It sure stinks very badly. Simce when do we need cops to send somebody to the loony bin. also based on which medical report did the cops send him for a mental checkup.
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    And mayawati apparently has anna's trust that she will help remove corruption :doh:
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    This is fucking scary.
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    This is a fireman, not a cop. And I wish he had been more intelligent about the whole affair. He should have copied all the documents and sent them to the national press and posted them online. You gotta combine Julian Assange with Anna Hazare nowadays if you want to root out malpractices.

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