UNLF admits Sanayaima kidnap in Bangladesh; alleges RAW hand

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    IMPHAL, Oct 16: Mystery surrounding the arrest of UNLF chairman RK Sanayaima has somewhat unfolded as the party has now admitted its leader was indeed arrested by a combined intelligence team of India and Bangladesh in Dhaka.

    The UNLF also said the whereabouts of RK Sanayaima is yet to be ascertained but presumed the UNLF chairman is under the custody of India.
    A statement issued by the organisation’s vice chairman, Kh Pambei, clarified that Sanayaima was arrested by a combined team of RAW and Bangladesh intelligence on September 29 at 12:30pm at Lalmatia area near Dhaka under Mohammadpur Police Station while he was returning to his place of residence in his vehicle, registration No. Dhaka Metro G-17-0716.

    Prior to the arrest, the chairman himself contacted his men about his vehicle being stopped by some people in civvies and uniforms about 10 minutes drive from his residence.

    Consequently a team of the UNLF rushed to the area and witnesses confirmed the arrest of a person along with a vehicle, said the statement.
    Subsequently an FIR No. 1981 dated 29/09/10 was lodge at the Mohammadpur Police Station besides publishing a missing person report in two local dailies “Yugantor” and “Inqilab”.

    The UNLF vice chairman said after discussions with the party’s central committee, he apprised the Bangladesh government about the legitimate revolutionary movement of the outfit and pleaded for the release Sanayaima.

    However, probably conspiring with the Indian government, the plea was not heeded. Sanayaima’s whereabout was also not revealed the UNLF statement said, adding such an act of concealing an arrested person for many days amount to kidnapping and international terrorism.
    After over 10 of the arrest, the BBC and some media section in India on October 13 published reports that Sanayaima was transferred to India by a special flight, it said adding Bangladeshi and Indian government will never have the courage to admit the treacherous act.

    It further claimed such treachery always has been the way of the Indian government and it is now showing its true intent of suppressing the people of Manipur and asserted that some nations are extending a helping hand to such practices.

    It said such acts of cowardice of India will never be able to uproot the revolutionary movement of the North Eastern people adding the UNLF is set to confront all challenges.

    It said even though its chairman has landed in the bondage of India, the UNLF and its armed wing MPA will carry forward the revolutionary movement to the path guided by the arrested leader with more determinations and strong sense of unity with the help of the people.
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    how can arrest be term as kidnapping???

    Manipur outfit chairman arrested, flown to Delhi

    The United National Liberation Front (UNLF) on Saturday confirmed the arrest of its chairman R.K Meghen alias R.K Sana Yaima. Meghen’s capture by a “joint team of Indian and Bangladeshi security personnel” was reported four days ago. But it was in the realm of speculation until the UNLF’s

    The UNLF is arguably the most potent militant outfit in Manipur. The arrest of the elusive Meghen is expected to cripple the outfit of some 6,000 fighters.

    In an email communiqué, UNLF vice-chairman Kh. Pambei said Meghen was arrested on September 29 from Lalmatia area under Mohammadpur police station in Bangladesh capital Dhaka by officials of the Research and Analysis Wing and Bangladeshi intelligence.

    “He was returning to where he was putting up in Dhaka in his own vehicle bearing registration number Dhaka Metro G-17-0716 when some security personnel in civvies and in uniform signalled him to stop just 10 minutes away from his place,” said Pambei.

    Other members of the UNLF in Dhaka subsequently lodged an FIR at the Mohammadpur police station, added Pambei. “After detention in Bangladesh for 10 days, Meghen was taken to New Delhi in a special Indian flight.”

    The UNLF demanded New Delhi should come clean on Meghen’s arrest and disclose his whereabouts. It termed the arrest as “an act of terrorism and thievery, which is against the international law”.

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