Unique identity card / NPR and internal security

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    When we talk of internal security, the UID card seems to be a very good move towards a more secure INDIA. Once it is totally fulfilled,it will be a great tool to get to the grass roots of society and make sure all benefits of govt programs reach the designated needy. It is a very great weapon to detect many types of crimes, malpratices, tax frauds, duplications ,impersonations and a galaxy of illegal acts. I do not understand why the home ministry is not interested in it.? It talks of NPR ,which is another form of the same details as in the UID. Why does this sort ego or overzealous attitude prevail.? Be it UID or NPR why should these cards be in dual modes or forms or diffrent agencies? Why should we not have a single card in wich all A to Z details are collected and cross checked and issued. It will save taxpayers money, wastefully spent energy and a lot of precious time . Patriots please put fort your views and comments.
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