Uniform Civil Code - The time has come

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    The Supreme Court, in its observation in the Shah Bano case, had asked for a Uniform Civil Code in India. Almost three decades have passed but in spite of repeated observation and earnest instruction by the Top Court in other cases, the government of the day has chosen to remain a mute spectator in framing or at least having a discussion with various stakeholders in building up a consensus on the need for a uniform civil code. Recently, after the court declared fatwas and Sharia courts as illegal, Union Minister of Law had expressed the government's desire to have a uniform civil law in the country. The moot point is whether India is prepared to have a uniform civil law. Should all the personal laws be done away with? Instead of being imposed is consultation and consensus the only way to get the law through? To know all about this contentious issue join us for a special edition of The Big Fight.


    Please make amends on the liberty and freedom on Indian citizen and not the religion. Also avoid hate comments towards any community or religion.

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