UK Gang brutalises Sikh man - corwd gathers does nothing

Discussion in 'Europe and Russia' started by roma, Mar 31, 2015.

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    Sikh man brutally assaulted in Birmingham, video goes viral - The Times of India
    Sikh man brutally assaulted in Birmingham, video goes viral

    More details n the uk's Dail Mail
    Sikh man beaten up in video in suspected race hate attack in Birmingham | Daily Mail Online

    and also

    in many ways life in india is a lot safer for south asian people - the myth that west is best
    and the mythical practice of wanting and needing to get to the west is no longer valid
    especially with india's economy clearly on the rise

    someone should answer that english person who made the film about india's daughters
    and do a film about these racist activities in the uk, besides the molestation of their women as well

    NB: mis-spelling in title - pls change corwd to crowd - even though
    cowrd sounds more like cowards, which they surely were !

    youre correct !
    i waited a couple of hours after you posted and still noting on the bbc ... i searched their main news page plus their uk section ...nothing , they had space for lesser issues and a lot of targeting imperfections of other nations but not on their own streets

    the attack happened in front of a rather posh hotel in Birmingham
    so it is not some back-alley stuff ..
    conclusion ;- BBC is biased bs corporation ...or some other suitable description.

    i have edited out the other non-related parts of your post
    you claim it is ( so -called ) paki musilim vs sikh ?
    do the assailants in the video look like what you have referred to as "paki musilim" ?
    Note, use of term was other members idea not mine
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    Why is BBC not telecasting this?
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    These British Sikhs do not deserve our support, a majority of them still carry that Khalistan dream.
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    Are u kidding Boys are Boys every where .Every college or street have 2or 3 gangs and they attack/fight with others in pretty matters.Anyway unconfirmed report is some one teased his cousin then fight started b/w Paki Muslim gang&Sikh guy.

    Here the issue is why small fight make a headlines in all major news channels&media.

    See how British are over smart "they give a narrative, Muslims are savages and they are attacking innocent sikhs. Obviously Sikhs will retaliate, same media gives another narrative these 3rd world Muslims&Sikh's are incapable in living first world :p "

    I have Org source

    Read comments below you'll know.... may be white guy is HALF BREED mulla :D
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