U.S. could be in Afghanistan beyond 2015.

Discussion in 'Americas' started by Ray, Nov 19, 2010.

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    Success in war cannot be legislated.

    Therefore, to assign a timeframe is most unrealistic. The drawdown mentioned by Obama in this election speech was 2011. Karzai stated 2014. And now it is 2015. And 'being Beyond' is not ruled out.

    It is time to what Jerry Lewis said in the film Nutty Professor - cut the gab and get on with the order - to a waiter! Indeed, it is time to cut the gab and get down to the business seriously.

    A war requires understanding of the battlefield environments and the imperatives. The US and ISAF has been in Afghanistan for quite sometime and so they would have become attuned to the battlefield dynamics. In fact, they are reaping a rich harvest, albeit slowly and surely. Even Mullah Omar has concede this aspect. Therefore, it is time to consolidate and then push forth.

    These dates will come and every time, the US will have to move beyond the dates since victory will continue to be elusive.

    It will be elusive since it is a guerilla war, so to say. A guerilla war to succeed has to ensure that the finances are choked up, sanctuaries and training facilities wiped out, population support gained.

    It will be noticed that none of the criteria for success has been seriously addressed.

    Therefore, will they be able to drawdown in substantial numbers by 2015?

    What should the US do to ensure that Afghanistan can take over the reins and have a stable govt that is functional in a democracy.

    Is the Afghan psyche conducive to democracy or is there are requirement for a autocratic govt?

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