U.K. Royal Navy Warship Disrupts Piracy

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    4 February 2011

    A Plymouth-based warship operating in the Arabian Sea tracked and boarded a pirate skiff believed to have been involved in merchant vessels attacks.

    HMS Cornwall is the command ship for Combined Task Force (CTF) the counter-piracy mission of combined maritime forces, a 25-nation coalition committed to maritime security throughout the Middle East and was tasked to investigate when the attack on the MV Leopard was reported.

    The skiff had four people on board, one of whom was injured and then treated by the warship’s medical team.

    Once a full search by the ship’s boarding team had verified the suspect pirates had no means of conducting piracy with anything remaining on the skiff, they were left to continue back to the coast.

    While conducting the boarding operation, HMS Cornwall’s presence in this area disrupted two further potential attacks.

    The mere presence of a coalition warship nearby was enough to deter the suspected pirates and also reassure the captains of the would-be target merchant vessels.

    HMS Cornwall’s commanding officer, Commander David Wilkinson, said:

    “Today’s events prove what the presence of a single warship can achieve. We can be confident one particular pirate skiff cannot attack any other shipping and that a further two potential pirate attacks were disrupted by HMS Cornwall’s presence.”



    Source: U.K. Ministry of Defence

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