Two Gandhians march on opposite sides

Discussion in 'Members Corner' started by diggychacha, Aug 19, 2011.

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    India is a lucky nation which has many Gandhians who not only spread Gandhi principals but also implement themselves. Two of them are very popular today. One is Anna Hazare, a Maharashtra born and leading anti-corruption movement in Delhi while second a Delhite is India's future PM and most desirable young bachelor Rahul Baba whose only objective is to reduce pain from the UP's farmers, dalits and commonmen.

    One Gandhian, Anna Hazare has moved from Maharashtra to Delhi to remove corruption from India while other Gandhian, Rahul Baba who is not parrot according to Renuka Chowdhary (Renuka aunty) has moved from Delhi to Maharashtra to show some sympathy to Pune-based farmers. However, Baba was confused for sometime whether Pune is in UP or Maharashtra, which another Gandhian, Diggy Chacha clarified.

    One Gandhian, Anna Hazare conducted fast-unto-death for pushing Lokpal Bill to the government and after 15-days fast for Jan Lokpal Bill. Other Gandhian, Rahul Baba arranged a foot-march (popularly called padyatra) spanning over 70 km in hot and sultry weather conditions. During his yatra, Rahul stopped at nearly 25 villages and spoke to villagers from about 60 villages to discuss the issue of land acquisition by the Mayawati government.

    One Gandhian, Anna Hazare went to Tihar jail to show he is very serious about Jan Lokpal Bill, coming into lime-light and getting huge support from Indian public. Other Gandhian, Rahul Baba made a secret visit to Pune (not in UP but in Maharashtra) to show the sympathy to relatives of 3 villagers who lost lives in Police firing under the state government of Congress, facing allegations from the villagers.

    Isn't Rahul Baba's question justified, what is the benefit of name Gandhi if Anna Hazare is getting huge support?

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    Rahul Baba WILL soon find out that ; his having the surname " Gandhi" WILL NOT AUTOMATICALLY make him the PM of this GREAT COUNTRY

    What has been demonstrated in the last few days by the people of India is that YOU CANNOT TAKE INDIANS FOR GRANTED

    So Rahul Baba PLEASE get some REAL WORK EXPERIENCE before you apply for the PM's JOB

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