Two Chinese Naval Ships on TrainingMission to India

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    Two Chinese Navy training vessels
    have embarked on a visit to India and
    three other Asian countries for
    training in distant waters.
    Zhenghe and Weifang, left Dalian port
    yesterday for a 56-day visit to India,
    Myanmar, Indonesia and Vietnam.
    They were expected to visit Eastern
    Naval Command at Visakhapatnam.
    The fleet, under the command of Han
    Xiaohu, assistant to the Chinese chief
    of naval operations, is scheduled to
    cross the Miyako Strait, the Malacca
    Strait and Sund Strait, covering a total
    of 12,000 nautical miles, state-run
    Xinhua reported.
    The sailors on the fleet will hold
    exchange programmes with their
    counterparts from the countries they
    visit, which include inviting foreign
    military students on board to eat and
    live with the Chinese sailors for
    several days.
    The vessels are on a voyage for
    training in distant waters.
    Between April and September 2012,
    Zhenghe completed a global voyage,
    paying calls to 14 countries and
    China'smissile frigate, Weifang, with a
    displacement of 4,000 tonnes, mainly
    shoulders the responsibility of
    cooperative air defence, sea patrols
    and ocean convoys.
    Indian ship INS Shivalik visited China's
    Qingdao port last month to take part in
    the 65th anniversary celebrations of
    the Chinese navy.
    Shivalik, along with three other Indian
    ships, visited Shanghai last year on a
    goodwill tour.

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