Two animation videos which reflect the life of Chinese people

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    Both the music and and art are very Chinese. The first one is southwest mountainous. The second one is the northwest loess plateau style. Here in China, people enjoys indian music. Some indian musician like Bombay vikings are very popular here. I can heard his Woa Chali every where.

    Here are two Chinese style music. Hope you guys will enjoy it.

    The first one depict cities' hostility toward migrant workers. In the video, the young man watching TV in a hut is main role of this story. The old man smoking a pipe is his father complaining the son's laziness. Due to the complain, the young man finally take a bus for cities. I think art and music can be understood universally...

    The second one depict the change of the rural life in China. A quiet village become a place with bars, advertisement. People no longer hold the traditional moral ...
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    Good link, that southwest part is my home town area.

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