Tverskaya Ulitsya , Moscow :- Over the ages.( Soviet Union Pictures )

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    Moscow, russia
    Moscow's main street now , lights up and glitters. have a look at its magnificient past .


    In pre-revolutionary times, Tverskaya was a narrow street, crammed with shops, as this early 20th century postcard shows


    It was renamed Ulitsa Gorkogo in 1932, and work started to demolish the old buildings and widen the road.


    The new-look avenue was lined with trees during the 60s, as this 1965 view shows. The lack of traffic jams is also striking.


    Wildlife seemed to approve of the woodland approach – the street attracted some unusual motorists


    A1984 picture from the telegraph office.

    I will upload below a current picture taken by me and how it glitters now

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