Turkey's House of Cards

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    Turkey's House of Cards - Caroline Glick - Townhall Conservative
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    One has to be very wary of the present regime of Turkey.

    They are Islamists in disguise.

    One has to observe how the present regime has degraded Attaturk's secular ways and credential and move towards the Islam that is known to the world. Also, the manner how the Turkish military has been degraded and run down.

    Agreed that the Turks (Ottoman) find the Bedouin Arabs to be the scum of society, but then there is, whether we like it or not, a feeling that Islam is under attack. This is what is closing their ranks and radical Islam is finding its place as the leading soldiers of the Faith!

    Syria is a Sunni majority country with a Shia affiliate Govt. Hence, it is an anathema to the Sunnis.

    It is wiser to ensure that there are mix of Sunni and Shias in the Middle East so that there is a continuous rift and none takes an upper hand get united to confront the world!

    All said and done, the Shias are more moderate than the Sunnis because they are the underdogs of Islam and are bullied everywhere.
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