Turkey to develop national missiles worth $718 mln

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    Turkey’s Aselsan, a leading domestic defense industry firm, has inked a deal with the Turkish Undersecretariat for Defense Industries to develop low and medium altitude air defense systems worth $718 million.

    Aselsan, a prominent Turkish defense industry company, has signed a contract with the nation’s Undersecretariat for Defense Industries, or SSM, to produce low and medium altitude air defense systems in a bid to nationalize the technology used by the Turkish military.

    Turkey’s top procurement official and SSM chief Murad Bayar, Aselsan Chairman Hasan Memişoğlu and General Manager Cengiz Ergeneman signed the contract, a statement by the company said Tuesday.

    The low altitude missile contract is worth nearly 717.5 million Turkish Liras ($447.6 million) and the medium altitude missile program costs more than 435.46 million liras, according to the Anatolia news agency.

    Aselsan will develop all radar, fire control, command and control and communication systems for both programs, according to the statement. Roketsan, another domestic defense firm, will act as the executive sub-contractor. Missile heads and data links will also be developed by Aselsan “The Turkish military will own an up-to-date technology air defense system that will be highly effective. Developing and producing the systems in Turkey will provide savings in costs and the resources will remain in the country,” the statement said.

    Aselsan, which entered the air defense sector with a joint program to produce Stinger missiles, has recently developed HERÄ°KKS, an air defense early warning, command and control system and KALKAN, an air radar for the Turkish military.

    The company is already developing and modernizing air defense cannons for the army.


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