Turbomeca begins supply of 308 engines for Russian Ka-62

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    "Turbomeca and Helicopters of Russia have signed a firm contract to supply 40 engines" Ardiden 3G »Helicopter Ka-62

    TSAMTO, May 19. The exhibition HeliRussia-2011 holding "Helicopters of Russia placed its first order for delivery of 40 series engines" Ardiden 3G »company Turbomeca for medium helicopters Ka-62.

    The first delivery of 40 engines for Russian Helicopters will be implemented over two years, the press service of the company.

    This contract was the first firm orders in the implementation of the framework agreement on the development and delivery, at least, 308 engines of this type to be installed on the modernized helicopter Ka-62, signed "Helicopters of Russia" and the French company Turbomeca in April 2011.

    As the general director of holding "Helicopters of Russia, Dmitry Petrov," we managed to conclude a contract to supply the first batch of engines almost immediately after the signing of framework agreements. I am confident that our partnership will be fruitful. "

    ЦАМТО / Новости / «Ð¢ÑƒÑ€Ð±Ð¾Ð¼ÐµÐºÐ°» и «Ð’ертолеты России» подписали твердый контракт на поставку 40 двигателей «ÐÑ€Ð´Ð¸Ð´ÐµÐ½ 3G» для вертолетов Kа-62

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