Tulsi-based medicine to treat N-ailments

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    The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) is developing a Tulsi-based herbal medicine for treating people exposed to nuclear radiations.
    It would be first of its kind of herbal remedy in the world, the DRDO claimed.
    “Tulsi, Sea-buckthorn and Podophyllum Hexandrum are three herbs that were chosen from among the hundreds to develop medicines to not just treat those effected by nuclear radiations but also as a precaution for those going for rescue work in radiation affected area,” DRDO’s chief controller (R&D) W Selvamurthy toldDNA.
    “They are in testing stages. Tulsi-based medicine is already in phase-II clinical trials. It will undergo some more trials before the technology is finalised and it goes for commercial production. Animal trials have also been conducted and their results were quite encouraging,” said Selvamurthy.
    He explained that nuclear radiation damages DNA, but Tulsi can treat it as it facilitates DNA repair. The cost of this project is around Rs7 crore.
    “At present, the medicine used for treating radiation related ailments is very toxic in nature. These herbal medicines would change the way radiation treatment takes place as they would be quite safe,” he added.
    Besides this, the DRDO has also developed several other herbal medicines, especially prepared for the Indian Army.
    “We have developed a special herbal drink for army personnel posted at high altitude areas. This drink is made from 15 herbs and it will help the jawans in acclimatising fast to those tough the weather conditions,” he said.

    Tulsi-based medicine to treat N-ailments - India - DNA

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