Trilokpuri Communal Violence An Attempt To Polarise Voters ?

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    According to a police officer, a-‘Mata-Ki-Chowki’-jagran (special worship offered during Navratri) was organised in front of a Mosque at the Block 15-20-27 junction of Trilokpuri on Diwali night, which the local Muslims objected to.

    Late on that fateful night of JAGRAN, -Muslim guy drunk as hell came from nowhere and started to pee by the camp.-

    -Heated arguments between them.-rather than apologise and leave the scene, he shouts obscenities to the point of even threatening to desecrate ‘their’ idols.-resulted ,-he gets beaten to the pulp. Right then, some guys from Block 28 (a Muslim dense region) were passing and they later on descend with more people from their neighbourhood, armed with ‘kattas’ shooting bullets at the camps. Unfortunately, the bullets hit two kids coming home from tuitions and they died on the spot. The tension then spreads to Mayur Vihar. And that’s it!”

    Now question arise about the Centre’s motive as the similarities between the Delhi incident and the Muzaffarnagar experiment at communal polarisation becomes hard to ignore.

    Similarity 1:- Some of those involved in the Delhi communal violence belonged mostly to the Valmiki community, and Muslims. In Muzaffarnagar, the violence involved Kashyap, Valmiki and Jhimar groups, besides Muslims.

    Similarity 2:- In both the cases, the incident was perpetrated by outsiders, as per the Police.

    Similarity 3:- In Western Uttar Pradesh, the immediate motive was polarisation before the general elections. In case of Delhi, the Assembly Elections seem to be the target.

    Whether or not the Delhi incident gets replicated in different parts of the country, and if a pattern is established following the footsteps of Muzaffarnagar, only time will tell.

    More detail at.

    Was The Trilokpuri Communal Violence An Attempt To Polarise Voters Before Delhi Assembly Elections?
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    Polarisation, hell There are other versions too. Five muslims were drinking by the wall of a temple and threw meat pices inside. Even otherwise why did the muslims object to Mata-ki-Chowki? Like in Saharanpur muslims objected to a loudspeaker of a temple.

    Muzzafarnagar riots took place after two muslims were molesting a jat girl. On objection, her brothers were killed. Who wanted to mencourage the muslims in the first place.
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    Peaceful: Agenda to dominate the infidels

    Secular: To encourage and give moral support to peaceful

    Non-Peaceful: When it gives a dose to the molesters then they are communal instigated by BJP.

    Nobody ask the peaceful the question why they always initiate these things. If they have a problem living with infidels Bangladesh and Pakistan was created for them.

    Live in peace or get the fvck out.
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    This secular argument is a complete hogwash discussed in detail on the other thread. Riots happen most of the times due to Jihadis and their intolerance. Be it this one or any other including Gujrat, Muzafarnagar et al.
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    Some Hindu retards wont change even if their own wife/sisters/daughters are peacefully sexually assualted.:tsk:
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