Trials on unmanned recce vehicle underway in Ahmednagar

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    Intense trials on the unmanned ground NBC (nuclear, biological and chemical) recce vehicle are being conducted by the Vehicles Research & Development Establishment (VRDE) in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra.
    According to senior VRDE scientists, one of the 52 research organisation of Defence Research & Development Organisation ( DRDO), the vehicle’s design was completed 14 years ago and VRDE conducted a technological demonstration to the army, the main user. However, it needed some improvements and the vehicle is now undergoing intense tests at the VRDE premises in Ahmednagar, near Pune.

    “Based on similar vehicles used by other countries like the US, France and other European countries, we set certain parameters for the vehicle. We are conducting tests to ensure that the vehicle meets those standards,” said VRDE scientist R N Marathe. The vehicle is expected to detect hazardous biological and chemical materials. At present, hazardous materials are detected manually by the army.

    Scientists from DRDO’s research organisations and the director general of perspective planning division of the armed forces have been meeting regularly to discuss development of the vehicle. “We have regular interactions with the army on our products. All the trials of this vehicle are expected to be complete in two years,” said P V Valli, another VRDE scientist.

    Use of unmanned vehicles in NBC contaminated areas can save lives and reduce the cost of decontaminating areas. They are also most suitable for surveillance of difficult terrain.

    One of the major challenges VRDE scientists face is in the system engineering arena. “Generating artificial intelligence and integrating all subsystems are some of the challenges,” said Marathe.

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