Trends in India's military simulation market

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    The use of simulators as a training and operational readiness tool in the Indian military has risen considerably since the 2000s. Today, simulator use in the Indian armed forces has expanded far beyond traditional aggregate/ constructive simulation for war- gaming purposes to virtual solutions tailored to providing individual and collective driving, flight, gunnery and sensor training. With hydrocarbon based fuels becoming more expensive, the cost calculus in favour of simulator training for platforms has become more attractive. And given the lack of firing and instrumentation ranges in the country, simulator-based training is obviously one part of the answer to maintaining unit- readiness levels. However, while cost and range availability will remain key drivers for simulator use growth, technological advances that allow the replication of a wide range of combat scenarios, some of which cannot actually be done in live- training are highlighting the role that simulators increasingly play even in refining concept of operations (CONOPS). Attracted by domestic demand, indigenous players have entered the virtual simulation market, an area that till recently has often been serviced by foreign technology. Starting with the 'Shatranj' wargame simulation package for the Indian Army (IA) in the late 1990s, the Defence Research & Development Organization (DRDO), has developed a fair degree of competence in aggregate or constructive simulation for training commanders and their staff. Today, under project Samar for the IA and under Project NOES for the Indian Navy (IN), DRDO's Institute of Systems Studies and Analysis (ISSA) is creating wargame packages using the latest networked solutions.

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