Transfer of Power: Difference between India and Hong Kong

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    Video of Hong Kong's transfer of power:

    When an occupied nation is given “independence” and made “free”, it is customary to symbolize this event by ceremonially lowering the flag of the occupying country while that of the occupied country being made “free” is raised.

    In the above video, British Flag was lowered and then the Chinese flag was hoisted.

    Did the same thing happened during transfer of power in 1947? If we verify our history records to examine what happened in the case of India.


    Union Jack(British flag) was not lowered. ”It was symbolical that Union Jack was NOT lowered; it flew proudly when the Indian flag was unfurled.”

    On August 15, 1947, “India’s freedom was ushered in with the playing of ‘God Save the King’ followed by Jana Gana Mana Adhinayaka.” ( Manserg.N -Editor-in-Chief-Constitutional Relations between Britain and India: The Transfer of Power (ToP,) XI, pp 107,127,146,156,279;XII, p 731.)

    “Nehru toasted the health of the British king and Mountbatten toasted the health of the Dominion government. It was symbolical that the Union Jack was not lowered; it flew proudly when the Indian flag was unfurled.” (Alan Campbell-Johnson, Mission with Mountbatten pp 158 and ibid 161)

    An article about the event:

    The British Tilt | Ajit Bhattacharjea

    Mountbatten was playing all sides. He had his fingers in all the pies. Indians(including the pakis) were fawning over him and declaring their loyalty to the crown. Mountbatten even tried to have British flag at a corner of the paki and Indian flags.

    The whole Transfer of Power in 1947 had an environment of continuity(from the British rule) rather than that of a new free country.
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    At the first glimpse of the subject I thought it was about power transfer from Tsang to Leung after the most recent election in HK :frusty:
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    After obtaining Independence we should have built a huge effigy of a British soldier being eaten by a Bengal tiger (in the style of Tipu's Organ) and then burned the effigy. That would have been symbolic. :yey:

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