Training a jihadee for India by Pakistan

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    Objectives of Jihad

    In May 1999, Lashkar-e-Toiba published a booklet, Why we do Jihad, written by Abdul Salam bin Mohammad. It listed eight objectives:
    ¢ Muslims should fight as long as a dispute persists
    ¢ It is obligatory for Muslims to fight till Allah's kingdom is established in the world
    ¢ It is obligatory for Muslims to fight till they overthrow all infidel governments
    ¢ Wherever there is oppression, Muslims are bound to fight it
    ¢ If any infidel kills a Muslim, it is to be avenged
    ¢ If any nation breaches a contract with Muslims, it is obligatory to fight that nation
    ¢ Muslims should fight against aggression by any other nation
    ¢ If infidels encroach upon any part of a Muslim land, it is obligatory to fight them and restore it

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