Toxic cabbage reports spark food safety scare in China

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    after melamine, urine soaked eggs, crushed fetus capsules....presenting...another chinese innovation...

    Toxic cabbage reports spark food safety scare in China

    SHANGHAI - China is investigating claims vegetable sellers are spraying cabbage with harmful formaldehyde to keep it fresh, an official said Tuesday, in yet another food safety scare to hit the country.

    Dozens of vegetable dealers in the eastern province of Shandong, a major vegetable supplier, are using the chemical to keep produce fresh on the way to market, media and Internet reports said this week.

    Formaldehyde -- commonly used as a preservative for laboratory specimens and embalming -- can be fatal if ingested and is also a cancer-causing substance.

    A local government official confirmed the practice and said authorities had started an investigation.


    Milk was at the centre of one of China's biggest food safety scandals in 2008 when the industrial chemical melamine was found to have been illegally added to dairy products to give the appearance of higher protein content.

    Last year, authorities arrested more than 30 people over the sale of cooking oil made from leftovers taken from gutters.

    More recently, employees of a leading Chinese poultry company sold diseased ducks to consumers, while a major dairy producer sold milk with high levels of a cancer-causing toxin, caused by cows eating mouldy feed.

    what's next?

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