Today is 7th November, the day of massacre of thousands of Hindus

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    Today is 7th November, the day of massacre of thousands of Hindus

    -In 1966, Indira Gandhi had brutally murdered thousands of sadhus and saints in Delhi on this day.
    -According to official figures, 250 hungry-thirsty sadhus were sacked with bullets on the streets of Delhi.
    - But according to non-official claims, at least 5000 saints were murdered.
    - More than one million sadhus and saints were fasting on the Boat Club of Delhi to ban cow slaughter all over the country.
    - In the same year, the promise of ban on cow slaughter brought back Indira, to power.
    - Then the election symbol of Congress used to be cow and calf.
    - Indira Gandhi refused to implement her electoral promise of ban on cow slaughter.
    - Angrily Sage-Saints started traveling from Boat Club to Parliament on the same day on 7th November.
    - Their number was in the millions. Most people were hungry and thirsty due to fasting.
    - Police near the Parliament House started provoking the saints, who were going peacefully.
    - Some people set fire to Kamraj's bungalow of Congress chief then, after this, the police got the chance. Indira Gandhi ordered the shooting of unarmed saints.
    - It was a day of Gopashtami, when thousands of Gosewaks were rounded up and fired with bullets.
    -Most of those killed were frorm Haryana and Uttar Pradesh's Yadav and Gurjar Gosewaks.
    -After firing, deads and some unfortunate people were ruthlessly transported in the dark of night by trucks and taken to the ridge area outside Delhi.
    - Without seeing that some of them may be alive, they were put on gasoline and burned.
    - Swami Karpatri Maharaj, who led the movement, cursed in the presence of thousands of saints a few days later, in the same way as unarmed Gosewaks were killed, one day the entire dynasty of Indira Gandhi will be annihilated.
    - On October 31, 1984, Indira Gandhi was surrounded by her family, and that day was also of Gopashtami.
    - Then the newspapers did not touch the news of Indira Gandhi's fear. Mostly, just as many impressions the government said.
    - A little information was printed in some South Indian and foreign newspapers.
    - It was the last movement in which the entire Sanatan Dharm had united and raised the voice of cow protection.
    - There were large numbers of people of Raidasi, Kabirpanthi, Nirankari and Nath sect.
    -Apart from the Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs and Jainism Guru also joined.
    -After this massacre, Indira Gandhi gave open freedom of cow slaughter all over the country.
    - The Hindu society forgot such a big massacre and even today some Hindus support the Congress.

    Note: This brutal truth was deleted from history by Congi historians, only KALYAN a patrika from Geeta Press, Gprakhpur published the whole story.
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    You have back up on this? Never read about it.
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    First time hearing about this..

    ...but what's interesting is the woman in the background, Maneka Gandhi perhaps? She was happy being associated with the Congress during all the massacres and now she is sending legal notices to Fadnavis over the death of a tiger.

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    Yes. The incident is sad but true
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    They would have gunned down devotees at Sabarimala too if this was happening in the 60s. Now it's not so easy. Another forgotten incident from 1966 is how state police gunned down maharaja of Bastar in his palace along with 11 of his supporters.

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