To detect a "dirty bomb" - the real threat is being confronted

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    While the Iranian nuclear bomb is presented as the main threat to Israel and the rest of the world in the coming years – someone, so it seems, has neglected a related threat – a “dirty bomb” in the hands of a terror organization. In the US, this threat is being addressed with great seriousness accompanied with the required budgets.
    The New York police have recently received a Bell-412 helicopter equipped with new radiation detection equipment so sensitive that it can fly over a container, cargo or tanker ship and accurately detect a radiation signature from an altitude of 200 feet.

    The new helicopter and its systems proves two things – that helicopters have become a crucial tool in anti terrorism operations, and that there is a need for anti-radiation sensors 24/7.

    Israel has taken steps in the direction, but the question is whether enough budgets have been allocated to this threat compared with the ones that have been allocated to deal with “The Bomb”
    Israel’s budgets are limited but sometime thinking outside the box suddenly finds them in places that seemed not relevant.

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