Three spying cases reported since 2012: Antony

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    Three spying cases reported since 2012: Antony - The Times of India
    NEW DELHI: Three cases of alleged spying have been reported since 2012 in the armed forces and nine people arrested, defence minister AK Antony said on Monday.

    The defence minister also said measures are in place to check incidents of spying.

    "In the last two years and current year (2012 to 2014), nine army personnel have been arrested in these cases," Antony said in response to a question in the Lok Sabha.

    "Appropriate action has been initiated against the accused as per the law and laid down procedures...," he said, adding the cases are at "different stages of trial at civil/military courts".

    "Some inimical intelligence agencies have been reported to be allegedly involved in the spying activities. Appropriate measures are concurrently in place to prevent such incidents," the minister said.

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