Three more India hydro projects on Chenab

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    ISLAMABAD: India plans three more hydropower projects upstream over the river Chenab with the cumulative production capacity of 2120 megawatts amidst its bitter row with Pakistan on the controversial Neelum river Kishanganga project.

    The new projects identified are: 1000-megawatt Pakal Dul on river Marusudar in Doda, the 600-megawatt Kiru upstream Dulhasti power project and the Kawar hydro station in Padyama. The last two are situated in water-abundant Kishtwar district.

    The initial cost of these three newest projects, reports say, is estimated to go beyond Rs.10, 000 crore. A special body, the Chenab Valley Power Development Corporation has been set up by India to executive these projects with a deadline of next six years.

    Under the World Bank brokered Pakistan-India Indus Waters Basin Treaty of 1960 the rivers Chenab, Jhelum and the Indus have been apportioned to Pakistan while the Ravi, Sutlej and Bias have been titled to India.

    The pace of hydropower projects planning and building process in Pakistan side has always been shockingly slow, even to the detriment of much starved national energy apparatus. Despite abundance of water resources the country faces acute energy shortage hitting running factories and resorts to power-cuts-forced layoffs.

    Only recently Islamabad has cut short the service tenure of its Indus Waters Commissioner Syed Jamaat Ali Shah who remained rivers waters boss for pretty long years.
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    Great News, these projects will definitely provide more electricity to the country!

    For Conspiracy theorists: We are planning to convert pakistan into Saudi Arabia, don't get too excited with the name Saudi Arabia, because you will converted in to that minus Oil ;;D

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