Thousands protest government corruption in India

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    Thousands protest government corruption in India

    NEW DELHI: Thousands of people on Sunday marched through several Indian cities to protest government corruption and demand an effective anti-graft law, the Hindustan Times reported.

    Waving banners that read 'Corruption: Enough is enough' and 'Common people are raped in government offices,' protesters gathered in rallies in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and other cities.

    The rallies, which coincided with the death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, was part of the 'India against Corruption' social movement that is demanding the passage of the Lokpal Bill. The legislation seeks to create an independent, empowered, transparent and accountable anti-corruption agency.

    "The Lokpal bill prepared by the public is so effective that it will eradicate corruption in next two-three years. Political parties should support the passage of this bill as the Lokpal suggested by the government is only a showpiece," eminent lawyer Shanti Bhushan said while addressing the rally in New Delhi.

    The government wants to make Lokpal an advisory body, which will only recommend to the government to prosecute its corrupt ministers.

    Public anger has grown across India after a series of high-profile scandals, including the cut-price sale of mobile phone licenses and allegations of widespread corruption related to the 2010 Commonwealth Games.

    Thousands of Indians holding placards and shouting slogans marched through the streets of New Delhi to protest against corruption and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's government. (Jan. 30)
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    Let us see how much of an impact this has. My guess is, very little.

    I am feeling very cynical today. If this UPA government really takes concrete steps like computerizing the entire bureaucracy, immediately and making it lean and efficient, then I will regain some respect for them. Otherwise, I have lost all respect for this government.
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    Thank god, finally some reaction to this punk ass govt and corruption.

    I wud like to know more about lokpal bill though.
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    Very little will happen for the moment.

    Fire fighting, at best.
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    This government will fall and fall hard if it does not fight corruption.

    The shi*f&ckin'genius about not being able to disclose account information from third parties, because of Double Taxation Agreements, seems to me like a pure ploy to delay until their beneficiaries have run their accounts dry. They will finally cave in to political and media pressure, but not before the accounts have been completely emptied.

    I would rather have a BJP-JD-RLD-some other centre-rightist combine come into power in the next election. They may not be the best thing for national integrity, but in a climate of growing uncertainty, corruption scandals and the like they would be the best thing for this country. The BJP will probably do a better job in dealing with Chinese assertiveness, giving a boost to economic development and establishing a security footprint in Asia and the IOR and dealing with security challenges in the 21st century. Change is good for a democratically elected system of governance. And frankly the Congress have had their share.

    I'm glad they're comin' out in protest tho. And the difference between the Egyptian riots and these, is that they've been completely free of and from violences. This government will be shamed into action, or shamed at the election.
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