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Discussion in 'Politics & Society' started by genius, Nov 22, 2015.

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    Hi folks,

    I see many people here, including my own family, obsessing over things over which they have no control: oil crisis, isis, etc. Let's put this in perspective. Recently there were heavy rains in chennai, and the result was water-logged streets. No power for two whole days, we had to suffer. Looks like fixing the drainage system would be a better thing to worry about than breaking one's head over isis, middle east, america, whatever.

    Isn't it more logical to think locally - at least we have some control over it? When garbage disposal became a problem, I made repeated phone calls to the officials, and despite delays and corruption it was fixed (while my folks and their friends were busy wasting time discussing politics).

    So my point is: we as ordinary people do not have much control over global issues, so why waste time even considering them? At least in local matters we can get together and do something for our wellbeing. We can worry about drainage system, lack of clean drinking water, bad roads, etc. instead of worrying about global matters like so-called terrorism etc.

    So my advice is, think locally.
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    To an extent yours sounds reasonable but then there should be different venues for different concerns. Like for drainage etc. (within one's control) supposedly u have got a right channel to lodge your complaint and had it resolved. Then for politics or else there shall be fora too to exchange or vent... They can certainly run in parallel. Yes that may be inconsequential often enough but better spit out than out.

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    Yes , I do agree that charity begins at home but that doesn't we all will become Arvind Kejriwal . In our country shouldnt just make a facilty but the maintenance of it should be seriously looked upon .

    Just one example I want to give you the people spittng pan on road or any place . collective effort of government and people should be required spitting irrationally anywhere should be dealt strictly .

    then again we are living in the country with backward people who dont have enough IQ to be neat and tidy !
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    As a guy who lives in Chennai, I faced only one-day power cut. Water-logging was heaviest in the more crowded locales, as there is no vegetation, or enough land for water to drain away without enough storm-water drains.

    Thankfully, my locale had new roads and good enough landscaping that water logging was minimum.

    It's true that we do need to work on some of the issues plaguing the city.

    Especially water logging when it rains. The corporation must be the most inefficient in the world.

    You know nothing's going to get done when the rivals (DMK, ADMK) are more focused on one-upping each other on their respective TV channels.

    BTW, clean drinking water was available in 99% of chennai. I can attest to that. Enough people have water purifiers at home and Metrowater was not contaminated. Most get cans anyway, and service was not stopped AFAIK.

    The unusual cases get highlighted on Sun, and propaganda accumulates on Jaya. It's sickening.

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