The voice of an immortal solider

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    The voice of an immortal solider

    I clutch my rifle and march on
    Without any complaint or any qualms
    I believe in my self and my regiment
    To me death is better than dishonor
    As I march to the tunes that called my Forbears to battle
    I seek their blessings to fight and win
    But if the situation calls for my life
    I shall give it so that my brothers in arms may win the battle for me
    I fight for the nation that’s my Mother and the regiment that’s my brother
    Even if I fall in battle I know that I shall not be left behind
    Even as I here my Last orders as the Last post or the taps
    And lay to rest I know that my mother shall take care of my family
    As I took care of them
    And as time goes on they call me the Sky solider or the immortal solider
    For iam the sentry that keeps a vigil on my nations borders even in death
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