The US Can't Outsource Warfighting

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    The US Can't Outsource Warfighting

    Offshore powers have long tried to get continental powers to fight their wars. It’s rarely worked.

    By James R. Holmes | October 17, 2014 | The Diplomat


    I think Mr. James Holmes (not to be confused with the Colorado Threatre Gunman) was listening to Santana (not to be confused with Santa Anna), when he penned the last line.



    So were the days.

    There was Brittannia, then France, then Prussia, and then Russia, and down south, Osmania.

    Come back to the present day, Prussia could be equated with both Germany, and Poland. In any event, looks like Brittania's desire to prop up King Frederick, against the Russian Empire, has been replaced by the US' desire to prop up the EU, financially represented by Germany, and enthusiastically represented by Poland, in its desire to counter the Russian Federation.

    Frederick somehow managed to save his life from the marauding Cossack warriors. Who will play his role today, if history were to be repeated?

    P.S.: Although the article focuses mainly on the so called Arab allies of the US, the historical lesson, whether intended by the author, is important, looking at the events in Ukraine.
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    Something related :

    Vice takes an unprecedented look into the shadowy industry of Private Military Companies. For the past two decades these private companies, like Black Water, Aegis and G4S have silently consumed military operations around the world, doing everything from back end logistics, protection of government VIP's and diplomats to actual combat duties. In this documentary we explore the origins of this industry, their rise in the war on terror and their future operations around the world.

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