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Melech out of Hind?

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  1. Jatt.Hindustan

    Jatt.Hindustan Tihar Jail Banned

    Mar 2, 2015
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    Guru sahib has the said melech is a diesease, but they will hide this.

    The most popular ism today is libertarianism, so I will focus on that. To begin, it is my stance that all isms are merely the work of a dirty melech taking a piece of the indian civilization without being able to fully understand it, and spreading it throughout the world.

    Libertarian claim to have freedom, but they take away the freedom to regulate.

    How is any country as pluralistic as India? Show me one other country where you can walk around in a lungi, and meditate for months/years unto death and not have anyone touch your corpse if you so wish??

    Guru Nanak dev ji reformed all of these traditions, such as Jains, Aghoris etc. and they still follow his rules to this day.

    As Modi sahib quoted gurbani the other day it is the truth: For 150 years, the evil Arya Samajis, Singh Sabha and their gora sahibs have tried to keep the indian civlization from making its next step/evolution: Sikhi.

    Sikhi does not mean some Pagg vala Sardar doing paath, even though NO INDIAN used to be bare headed. Culturally to go outside with uncovered hair is a mark of dishonor for both genders.

    Neither is this proystelization, merely an observation as a Jain and Aghori are also Sikhs as it is now a geo cultural term.

    What the dushman have tried to do is limit the term Sikh to the Khalsa Panth or the Army of Vaheguru/Hind.

    The tip of the spear which rests in Punjab, because guess what the melech is 50km away in Lahore..

    Back to the isms,

    Study an Ism deeply you will find that as the dharam is profoundly rooted in Indian culture and cannot be torn away from it, so is an ism rooted in the same family marriage, animal brothel european culture..

    How can a gora be a bhuddist when he 'believes' his wife can be shared among 3 men and his sister is who knows where atm?

    Judge an empire by what it gives to those under it.

    We gave bhuddism and varnasharam dharam to the east..

    They still follow it 1000s of years later.

    What has west done?

    Birsa Munda - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Birsa Munda-The first tribal martyr | IndiaFacts

    Merely had their heads cut off, by a so called 'dirty' tribal.

    They talk of environmental problems yet look at North America Oil sands polluting lakh of sq km.

    They talk of fault lines and discrimination, it is has not been 20 yrs since Both USA, Canada, and Australia sent lakhs if not crores native children to residential school, for their genitalia to be 'inspected'..

    Fact of it is this, there is Hindustan and there is the rest of the world.

    The eastern countries look to us for leadership, so we must be assumed to stand alone.

    Remember that society is a collection of individuals,

    Now from our perspective that also logically means that as there is a panchayat, state and federal (central) government there are also levels of allegiance/obligation for an individual.

    It is a fact that the poorest areas cannot sustain/support elaborate human social structures as an example of an area in uganda where the family has fallen apart.

    We know for a that in 1ad despite it being kal yug 54% of WORLD GDP WAS IN INDIA, obviously the west cannot support gotra etc.

    The melech practice 3 things to increase unity: share wives, cousin marriage and homosexuality.

    Our counter has and always will be the gotra system as someone of my gotra can be in Bihar and I can greet them as a brother and we will have shared history and customs depsite 1000s of km geographic distance.

    Can english, french and italian share anything except shared hatred of Hind and rip off defense deals?

    As far as our concerns go the west wants us to stop at the individual as they have, we have a village, gotra, vansh, jaat and then varna.

    If the individuals in a society are like gold, the society will be good.

    An Ism that brings in the dirty, dieseased melech culture how can that be good for India?

    Any foreign ideology has the hidden objective of bringing the melech here and them trying to attack/breed with our women.

    Look at any example from the asurs, greeks, sakas, huns, kushans, etc.

    Why were the cattle the first thing stolen in war?

    Gao Mata Ji sustains life, ok so tell me does not every king come from a woman??? This is what Guru Sahib himself said.

    Fact is look around you, look at the map on your wall of Hind. That is all you have,

    Any allies are superficial, any friends temporary as you are a pagan, and they are 'believers'

    The sooner you realize this and reject the diesease and filth of the melech the sooner you will see that we are about to have 12 trillion gdp in 2.5 yrs.

    We are in our final battle and people still debate whether Maharana Pratap Singh Sanga was a goonda or secular. Whether Akbar was good or bad,

    You are an economist yes? Look at India's gdp in 1ad vs akbar rule in 1500 54% of World vs 32% and 1ad was still after:

    The fk up 1/2 bramin not fit to be King Ashok
    Yvana Invasions
    Probabaly Sakas anc bactrians and w.e else

    It got so bad that Manu had to come and make manusmriti:

    Sri Dasam Granth Sahib

    You can say it was evil but how many strong empires did we have after that?

    "sanga, mahameghavahan, bharshiva, yaudheya(johiya/johal), and strongest of them all - gupta. Then after brief trouble with huns, we had another epoch of strong empires - yashodharman, harshvardhan, gujjar pratihar, tomars,chauhans, hindu shahiyas. india was kept safe.
    it doesn't mean manusmriti is "right" today tho....thats the whole point of indic traditions, we keep evolving....nothing is evil or good but only karma....what shramans did first was right, what they were doing later was evil."

    Is the condition of the shudra better in a 54% world gdp India, or during the invasions of Abdali?

    For that matter, today when dalit girls are being kidnapped in West Up by Muslims simply because Delhivala Idiots listened to Gandhi during 47?

    Is the condition of our women better, when they are married according to their gora, DO NOT HAVE TO DO MAN WORK, and are happy with many sons and daughters?

    Or today when many have fallen so low that they take off their clothes for attention and money?

    Why do we follow a system of monogamy, when our enemies don't?

    It is the equivalent of using swords in wars of toap.

    Ngos, environmentalists, etc. are of the same blood that Krishna Ji fought.

    Many of you here are 'hindus' and worship Krishna Ji.

    Ok, go read Krishn Avtar in Dasam Granth Sahib.

    Guru Sahib gives the names of the KHANS that Krishn Vashudev Sahib beheaded and brought back their ganja heads as trophies LOL.

    I was not born in 84, I see it as this:

    Jarnail Singh Ji probably was propped up by Indira, but in the end he also stood up to a tyrant.


    Please, punch a khalistani in the mouth for your humble Sikh brother.

    The Jatt and The Rajput are going to stay on the border spilling blood.

    You can either make their blood worth more, by making this country stronger or continue to invite these foreigners in. Who give you 'advice' while they think of how they will strip your mothers, daughters and sisters when given the opportunity.

    Because, when the time comes they will start cutting people to pieces and take control of gov (if it keeps going in this direction of congress one year, bjp next) but it may be too late to save the civilization even if it saves the 'desh'.

    If a 30-40% Hindu country even worth living in?

    Chankya Ji said: Do not live where you are not close to these 5 things:

    ९ . ऐसे जगह एक दिन भी निवास न करें जहाँ निम्नलिखित पांच ना हो:
    एक धनवान व्यक्ति ,
    एक ब्राह्मण जो वैदिक शास्त्रों में निपुण हो,
    एक राजा,
    एक नदी ,
    और एक चिकित्सक।
    9. Do not stay for a single day where there are not these five persons: a vaisyh, a brahmin, a king(ksytria, nihang SINGH), a river and a vaid (vedic doctor).

    Read [email protected] चाणक्य नीति [ हिंदी में ]: प्रथम अध्याय | Chanakya Neeti [In Hindi]: First Chapter |Hindi Quotes,Hindi Stories,Chanakya Neeti,Chanakya Sutra,Sel
    Keep The Link To Avoid Copyright Breach!

    Can you compare 'western' medicine to ayurveda? NO. Same medicine that cost 40rupee here is 35-40USD with fake ingredients and $20USD shipping. That is the reason 'GDP PER CAPITA' is higher in Melech States of America.

    Asi Sees Sees Katvande Rehe Ne, Te Eh Vi Kadde Mukna Ni
    Jalam Muthay Naal Landay Takra, Par Sapt Sindu Vi Kadde Chukna Ni

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  3. PredictablyMalicious

    PredictablyMalicious Punjabi Senior Member

    Jan 2, 2013
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    Is this a bad LSD trip?
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  4. Jatt.Hindustan

    Jatt.Hindustan Tihar Jail Banned

    Mar 2, 2015
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    It is good people like you are in Canadaand not Hind.

    You can keep your CAD which has devalued by 20-30% I will buy the ashok chakr coin and


    Canada is full of goris who are hungry for indian men..
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  5. Dovah

    Dovah Untermensch Moderator

    May 23, 2011
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  6. Jatt.Hindustan

    Jatt.Hindustan Tihar Jail Banned

    Mar 2, 2015
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    I am not trolling why would a foreign ideology from a foreigner, who sees you as either:

    Kafir, Infidel, Backwards, etc.

    I.e the abrahamic us vs them paradigm, ever seek to help you or build your civlization?

    Was the Indian civilization built from help by goras, or do goras even know how to count past 10 because of us?

    Mod: Make your point and move on. No need to point fingers at others with a holier than thou arrogance.

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