The Terror State We Call Our Ally

Discussion in 'Pakistan' started by W.G.Ewald, May 27, 2012.

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    The Terror State We Call Our Ally - Michael Hirsh -
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    Yes i think that might be to sooth there pride , you call them your allies in public but in private it's something far worse. Money is what they need and won't,your a very rich uncle who they don't mind bending over for as long as you pay well. The world is starting to see them for who they are and they can only blame there idiotic ruler's.

    Its easy to blame the pakies but they are thick so we should try not to be not so appalled by there behaviour ,i mean no one in India would consider them to be anything other then a menace to the world . You lot spoke very highly of them for the first few years of wot..By you i mean your government.
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    This is indeed a big failure of US diplomacy. Threats have not worked, money hasn't worked either.

    IMO going after Saddam the second time around, without finishing off the Afghan issue, was the biggest mistake by USA. Also the actions and pronouncements by Pres. Obama during his campaign trail and immediately after his swearing in, were big no nos. He painted himself in a corner and when faced with the reality of the situation, let his Presidency and his country down in a big way. There was no way he could get away from his poll promises, specially with his second Presidential race around the corner
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    If Pakistan is terror state ally then what USA is?A king of Terror allies called NATO.It was USA which set these Jehadi Frankenstein out of bottle against USSR.Till these mujahids were fighting against USSR and INDIA they were freedom fighters for usa for two decades.And since the day they turned their attention towards west they became terrorists!!! sheer hypocrisy.Only thing Pakistan has done is that it has outsmarted USA in its own game of controlling and using these jehadis for its strategic purpose as usa did in 1980s.Even today USA is not serious about putting the jehadi Frankenstein back in bottle rather its fighting for control of these jehadis so that it can use them in future as it did use Al-qaida fighters in Libya in toppling Qaddafi and now doing same in sriya.For USA only jehadis which attack west or usa interests are terrorists otherwise they are freedom fighters,strategic assets as in case of L-e-T until Mumbai attacks which showed L-e-T's global ambitions against west then only usa got serious about it otherwise till 2007 western diplomats and politicians were harping L-e-T as strategic assets of Pakistan and were quite ok with their attacks on india unless they attack western interests.

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    Until USA gets to the root of the heart of terrorism that comes from Pakistan
    nothing will be solved. Terrorists can never be freedom fighters.
    Aghans war the war against USSR with US help, for Pakistan to take credit
    to justify their global terrorism is big joke. Just like Osama being found in a
    military town and no one from the Pakistani government knew about it.
    Dismembering Pakistan is the only solution.
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    Pakistan is not an Ally of the US.

    It is All Lie!

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